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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Best Reason to Join LinkedIn...

...is that your wildest dreams will come true.

Nobody over 20 gets that...

But seriously, someone asked me why there weren't too many young people on LinkedIn. Perhaps its that they don't see a need to network "for business purposes" yet. But more likely, they are networking in their own environment, probably on Xanga.


Peter said...

xanga, livejournal and myspace and a lot of other viral sites. take a look at pubsub's link ranks. you'll see what they are doing.

3:48 PM

Alvin Narsey said...

hey! i am young..ish...26..and on linkedin!
i will check out those other sites peter!

4:28 AM

Mark Newman said...


I guess I am the geek here. I am 20 and have not got on Xanga or those others. I have been using linkedin to help promote my company HireVue, an online recorded video interview company. Xanga is definitely not the place to be for that.

Perhaps that ruins my credibility; I have a degree from a good school, a job title that supposedly adds to my reputation (don't worry we do have employees, a killer technology and revenue), and have been getting a lot of experience doing public policy with UITA here in Utah. But maybe it is time to come out.

Believe me though, I have kept my age quiet for a long time since I started HireVue. Sitting in a room of seasoned execs who are double or triple my age, preaching my vision of why they should use HireVue to interview candidates and find the diamond in the rough, the last thing I do is talk about me going to Vegas in a few weeks to try gambling, buy someone a drink and who knows...maybe even rent a car!

Great blog, I just came across it from Chris Mayaud's posting, I am converted.


10:55 PM


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