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Monday, June 13, 2005

Re: LinkedIn article in Business W**k

From my post on MyLinkedInPowerForum.

People have a right to express their opinion. I respect that.

The blog post mentioned in the article is from 18 months ago and is from a person who obviously has no current or past interest in LinkedIn. He has 7 connections and no LinkedIn profile, even 18 months later. Perhaps he only has 7 friends "worthy" of a LinkedIn connection? If he had a profile and actually used the system, I would consider his point, but its obviously he has an axe to grind for one reason or another.

I checked the blogosphere and the guy hasn't posted any additional articles or posts about LinkedIn or "the problem", so this seemed to be a random rant by a guy obsessed with controlling his inbox.

What is more curious to me is how Business W**k "Tech Beat" mentions this 18 month old post. What kind of "tech beat" is that? To me, a "beat" is something that regularly occurs, like a heart beat, or a nightly crime blotter. This article is like somebody going to the cemetery to get a listing of who's who... Maybe it should be called Business "Early Last Year" instead of Business W**k.

I purposely didn't link to the article or the blog. I don't want to give the posts any more credibility than they deserve, which IMHO is *zero*.

Joe Bartling
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