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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

LinkedIn: Connecting to Super-connectors and the Value of the Network

I don't consider myself a "super-connector" though I am in the top 80 60 on LinkedIn, and I think my network is as diverse as the "next guy".

I just got an email from a new connection, and he says this:

"I think this sums up being linked in to you:
1,044,533 new people in your network since your last login
Hahahha... that's AWESOME!"

Now, I don't know this guy well, but we did share some plesantries via email. Certainly I will accommodate his pertinent requests to "the network" as I see fit. But what an awesome feeling it must be to a newbie to be able to reach and search a million additional people who might actually be looking for candidates, or looking for partners, or looking to reconnect with former colleagues.

My investment in his quest into the network will be minor, perhaps a few requests forwarded. I'm sure his perception of the value of the network accessible through me is *much* greater than my value of having *him* as a connection.

I think there may be too much focus on the value of the relationship between two people (for which LinkedIn is not needed, by the way) in establishing connections. People do connect for different reasons, some more promiscuously than others, and for that I am grateful. Almost half of my network is in "the fourth degree", and I reached out to one of those in my fourth degree for a business opportunity today. Had I limited my personal network to my 30 or 40 closest contacts, I would *never* have access to the full potential value of the network.

As I've said in my "free report" (shameless plug), available for download in the files section of MyLinkedInPowerForum (see MLPF message 2400), people can fly to and from any two points in the U.S. *because* of the existence and availability of hubs, not because particular providers on the legs of the trip provide pillows and mimosas...

I hope that LinkedIn doesn't change the service too much going forward. I'm a firm believer in paying for value-added services, but the services should actually *add* value, not subtract functionality or network accessibility.

Joe Bartling
Invitation-only email: LinkToJoe[at]gmail.com
{Note this is not my "regular" email account - I *never* check it. It
works for LinkedIn invitations ONLY.}


Anonymous arnneisp said...

You can't talk about LinkedIn without mentioning the LinkedIn Contacts Management tool.

This tool is a freeware to all MyLinkedInPowerForum members and LinkedIn users.

The tools give you the edge in using LinkedIn for business purposes. It downloads all your LinkedIn contacts details/requests/outstanding invitations to a personal database on your PC.

Then, with an easy to use GUI you can make smart selections and manipulations of the data and Email the selected group of contacts. You can do multi accept/reject of requests; you can resend multiple outstanding invitations or withdraw them and much more.

To download the LICM application:

Go to: www.megaas.co.nz
Select the Demos/Downloads page
Scroll down to the LinkedIn icon
Download the installation ZIP file.

Read the Readme file and register at the support forum:


Remember - there is a "payment" involved - you have to let at least 10 of your LinkedIn contacts know about the system....

2:36 AM

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Anonymous Steve "Habib" Rose said...


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6:28 PM

Anonymous Jeff Marmins said...

Do you still see as strong a value in LICM with the release of Outlook Toolbar 2.0?

7:35 PM

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