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Saturday, February 24, 2007

What My Kolbe A Index Says About Me

In preparation for a Leadership Forum I was participating in this week, I took the Kolbe A Index at Kolbe.com. The Kolbe A Index evaluates your "conative styles," or typical action behaviors. Conative styles are instinctive, subconscious actions. Here's the link to a very interesting article on the Kolbe A Index from Oprah's "O" Magazine.

There are four basic "action modes", behaviors driven by your instinct (not personality or IQ):
  1. Fact Finder - is how you gather and share information
  2. Follow Thru - is how you sort and store information
  3. Quick Start - is how you deal with risks and uncertainty
  4. Implementor - is how you handle space and tangibles
My Kolbe index is a 7-3-5-4.

My "red" score of "7" on Fact Finder indicates that I try to insist on "getting as many specifics as possible" by Specifying. I am likely to research facts in depth, establish specific priorities, define objective, assess probablities, define terms with exactness, determine appropriateness, provide historical evidence, create analogies, and develop complex strategies.

My "blue" score of "3" on Follow Thru indicates that I sort and store information by Adapting. People with a high blue score are apt to have to-do-lists, detailed plans and schedules, interim milestones, and act through organization. My "3" indicates that I am resistent to order, organization, to do lists, detailed plans, milestone schedules, whch is absolutely true!

My "green" score of "5" on Quick Start indicates that I deal with risks and uncertainty by Modifying. I can respond to challenges, assist in innovation, interject spontaneously, adjust deadlines, and mediate between the vision and the given.

My "yellow" score of "4" on Implementor indicates that I handle space and tangibles by Restoring. I can test ingredients, renovate structures, convert space reproduce models, use mechanical equipment, connect concrete paths, and create simulations of physical action.

Kolbe says that I can leverage my innate ability as strengths. Kolbe says this about my index score:

You prevent getting boxed in by staying open to alternatives.
Your ability to adapt your plans helps you take advantage of opportunities.

I took the Kolbe A Index with 30 or so of my colleagues, some of whom I know quite well. To the letter, their respective Kolbe Indexes were accurate in my opinion.

I'm curious to have my team take the Kolbe, so I can accurately understand a new dynamic in the team productivity environment. But maybe, all I'm interested in getting as many specific facts as possible and thus validating, once again, my "Fact Finder" score of "7" :-).

I encourage you and your colleagues to take the Kolbe A Index, by clicking here. You can take the index online in about 20 minutes and it costs only $49.95. Send your colleagues the link to this page. I was amazed at how accurate it was in capturing and predicting my instinctive actions, and those of my colleagues.

Feel free to post your Kolbe A Index here in a comment with your assessment of your own score!


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