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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Our Daughter Starts School

Like millions of other parents, we sent our 9 year old daughter off to her first day at a new school. This time, a private Christian school. We've known the principal for over twelve years, having previously sent our son to a school where he was the headmaster.

The difference between us and many other parents is that this daughter, as well as our other two daughters, is blind. She has been attending public school for five years and is on grade level for reading (in braille), and has mastered proper cane technique. Sometimes, people even respect the cane.

Alhough we have access to some vision resources from the county, we are very much on our own. Adaptive equipment is very expensive. I have purchased a Romeo embosser (retail $2,195), special paper ($150), and translation software for the embosser called Duxbury Braille Translator ($595).

After she came home from her first day, we realized we would also need some Optical Braille Recognition software ($895), that will allow us to check her work more quickly and translate her mistakes so that the teacher can see what she is doing.

Of course, I'll probably need to duplicate the expenses above in order to provide a set for our daughter's teacher, so that she has the same capability.

Neither the school nor the county can provide these materials, so we are on our own. Seems to us that these are just the essentials.

I am thankful that technology has provided a way for us to encourage our child (children) to reach her (their) potential. I pray for the special kids who have no one to look out for their future, those who need families, and those families who are not financially able to provide these resources for their kids.

I am thankful that God provides abundantly and cares for His little ones as we trust in Him.